What is Reflexology?

Although Reflexology has been used for hundreds of years (evidence of Reflexology in ancient Egypt is found in a hieroglyphic drawing in the physician's tomb,) modern day Reflexology is attributed to Dr. William Fitzgerald, an American Physician who discovered the correlation between reflex points in the hands and feet with the whole body. Fitzgerald found that by working reflex points in the hands and feet one can help the whole body heal itself.

One of the major benefits of Reflexology is its ability to cause deep relaxation – similar to the state of someone who meditates. Research has shown that Reflexology lowers blood pressure and pulse rate, brings brain waves to a more relaxed state and increases blood flow to organs.

A Reflexologist uses his or her thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to the different Reflex points on the hands and feet. By doing so, Reflexology can help the body heal itself of a wide range of health imbalances. When we are relaxed and not stressed, our bodies are better able to function and heal themselves. 

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