Suffering from a Nonstop Headache

Normally healthy, for three weeks I had been suffering from a nonstop headache and other symptoms, including a stiff neck, mouth dryness, and waking up several times at night with a pounding head. I was growing increasingly anxious as to why the headache was lasting for so long and wasn't reacting to any pain reliever, and feared a serious illness. My doctor then suggested that the cause could be having taken too many different antibiotics over one month to cure a routine urinary tract and secondary infection. She noted that antibiotics are effectively poison; that an accumulation in the system can lead to a prolonged headache. I'd never heard of such a thing. She instructed me to drink as many fluids as possible to flush the antibiotics from my system, be consistent in taking probiotics for at least a month (I had been taking them but slacked off), and have a massage. I told her I prefer reflexology to massage, to which she said, "By all means, go to a reflexologist."
Last Thursday, Oran gave me an intense treatment. Some areas of my feet were extremely sensitive -- but I know from past experience the sensitive points that Oran reveals are precisely the "off" areas so was comforted, seeing the sensitivity as a sign that the reflexology might really work. The rest of that day my neck felt freer but the headache continued. The change came on Friday, when I awoke headache free. I was in disbelief. After three weeks of pain and discomfort, I felt I was myself again. I got up, started my day, moved around -- still no headache, no neck stiffness, and the dryness in my mouth had eased. Also, for the first time in weeks, I had slept through the night. The rest of the day, and Saturday, remained headache free. I even went out for a 3 km run -- my first in weeks. Now it's Monday and I am still headache free. All this change happened without taking any pain relievers; with reflexology the only variable. I cannot recommend enough the wonders of reflexology -- and the capabilities of Oran Aviv. Thank you, Oran, for being the outstanding reflexology practitioner that you are.
Diane, Kfar Saba

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