Looking for a natural, alternative way to deal with respiratory issues (allergies, colds, sinuses)
Have you tried Reflexology? 
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Over the Flu

Thank you Oran!!
After not feeling well a whole month after having flu, woke up this am after a treatment from you feeling wonderful!
Thanx so much and viva reflexology!!
Yvette, Zichron


02/02/11(translated from Hebrew)
I’m simply amazed. 
Ten days ago Oran demonstrated a short exercise at our networking meeting and showed us how to pull on our fingers to open up the sinuses. Every day I [normally] would wake up with a stuffy and runny nose, but these past 10 days since she showed us what to do, my nose is open all the time and dry.
Thank you Oran . Where have you been all these years?
Moshe, Kfar Saba| 

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