Looking for a natural, alternative way to treat knee, foot or leg pain?
Have you tried Reflexology?  
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"Strong excruciating knee pain"

April 10, 2013  (translated from Hebrew)
Hello Oran
I’m sending you what has happened since my last treatment, First, the strong excruciating knee pain I had when I came to you, has disappeared almost entirely! The treatment you did for my knee, combined with the cream, magnet and your good spirits were very helpful.
I'm sure I will get even better after the next treatment...
Thank you for the dedication, professionalism and strengthening treatment.

Leg pain

Janurary 13, 2011 (translated from Hebrew) 

Last weekend I needed an urgent meeting with Oran, first time we met. She made an effort to receive me in order to relieve me and it was just wonderful.
Many thanks Oran with the magic hands,
Note: Ayelet suffered from pain in her leg.  Her doctors did not find the reason for the pain.  The reflex points on the feet showed she was suffering from sciatica and by working the reflexes of the sciatic nerve and lower back, her pain was relieved.  Sometimes sciatica appears just on the thigh or calve without pain in the lower back. 

"I have always suffered from pain in my feet"

March 18th, 2010
Dear Oran   

I have a wonderful feeling in my both my legs and feet, a sensation that I don't think I ever felt in my limbs before.
You have been the first person, besides orthopedic butchers that I have allowed to touch my feet.
I was very frightened to give you control of my feet. I was frightened of experiencing excruciating pain that I have experienced before. As long as my memory goes back I have always suffered from pain in my feet and I have taken mind of matter in order to suffer less.
I feel a little pressure (that is bearable) in a middle of my back. I have a good feeling in the fingers of both hands and a lot less "pins and needles" especially in my right hand.
When I closed my eyes, during the treatment, I felt that my legs were a small baby and your hands were the mother embracing that baby. It was an incredible experience.
Robyn, Kfar Saba

Shin Splints

Here we are in the Dead Sea - 3 days of a Gardening Conference and it makes a great difference! 

I will do my best to give you a picture of "my legs"
After almost 10 years of sitting on my backside I decide that it was time to get back to nature and with much joy in my heart I returned to the Kfar Ruppin gardens !
With my usual enthusiasm I went at it full speed and during the warm months of summer in Kfar Ruppin I was working many hours a day on my feet.
Within a short time I began to suffer from very severe pains in my shins - 
After visiting the doctor and bone analysis I was diagnosed with "shin splints" and went to a series of treatments by physiotherapy.  In the meantime the pain moved from my shins to the base of my feet!   After a series of treatment by physiotherapy the pain was slightly reduced!
The symptoms usually appear around 12 - 1 o'clock in the afternoon and by the evening I am reduced to "hobbling" 
On first trying on your inner soles into my slippers the pain immediately disappeared! I was amazed.
During working hours I have also used the inner soles and by the end of my working day [5pm] although I feel some discomfort but there has been a great improvement !
I hope that this will be of interest to you.
With kindest regards 
Ralph, Kfar Ruppin

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