"Evidence of change was almost immediate"

04/12/2011  Treatment Report (translated from Hebrew) 
Mrs. H comes to the Senior Day Care Center in Kfar Saba three times a week.  Recently there has been a deterioration in her mental state and cognitive functioning.
Mrs. H. began dozing immediately after her meal and asked to lie down. When we tried to wake her, she become confused and spoke irrationally, where usually her words were full of wisdom and logic that we all enjoyed hearing. 
 We also witnessed a physical deterioration in Mrs. H in the way she walked and ate.  She  participated much less  in group discussions and group activities and asked to go home.
Oran took Mrs. H for a [Hand Reflexology] treatment and evidence of change was almost immediate. Mrs. H.  began to cooperate,  returned to her former self in terms of verbal and  even physical functioning. She stopped being tired and stopped asking to rest and sleep and was vigorous again in the memory improvement class in  physiotherapy. 
It is very desirable to continue reflexology treatments as these have proven,  without a doubt [to help]
Tzippi –Social Worker  
Tammy – Caregiver 
Dementia Department, Kfar Saba Senior Daycare Center

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