Can Reflexology help someone with  Alzeimer's or other types of Dementia?  Reflexology can not cure the illenss, but it can improve the life of the person who has dementia.  Read what clients are saying: 

"Feeling Very Disoriented and Homesick"

Dec. 23, 2013

Oran Aviv is a wonderful reflexologist, as well as a wonderful, warm and compassionate person. She has been a treasure for my 87 year old Dad who just made Aliyah from the Boston area, a year and a half ago. I met her at a lecture she gave at Ahuzat Bayit in Ra’anana when he first moved there. My Dad was having a lot of difficulty dealing with such an enormous change in his life, and he was feeling very disoriented and homesick. She was very gentle with him and through her reflexology helped him to relax and become more focused and to slowly allow his personality to once again shine through.
She provided and continues to provide an open heart and a listening ear, so that once a week my Dad knows that he not only has his reflexology to look forward to, but also someone who will patiently listen to whatever is on his mind. 
Oran continues to see my Dad once a week at his apartment, and the reflexology has made such a difference in his ability to adjust and feel comfortable in his new surroundings. It was especially critical in those first few weeks and months of his new life in Israel. I could really see a difference in my Dad after Oran had given him a reflexology session. She also prepares a large salad for him when she leaves, and makes sure that he is set for dinner, and that he knows what activities are on his schedule for the evening.
Oran is indeed a very gifted reflexologist and her special interest in older people and the benefits that reflexology can provide for them, certainly makes her a very unique and wonderful care provider. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in the benefits of reflexology.
Linda Marshall
Philadelphia, PA

Cognitive Improvement - Parkinson's

My husband, who suffers from Parkinson’s, has been receiving hand reflexology for over a year.  As a result he is more relaxed both physically and mentally and looks forward to every session. 
A few weeks ago, after my husband had a bout with the flu, he suffered from cognitive decline due to the illness.  He described himself as “being in a bubble” and he had difficulty communicating, was apathetic and was feeling  down.  After one hand reflexology session, we saw improvement – the bubble burst, and gradually he returned to himself. 

Three Wonderful Years with Mom

June 26, 2018 

It has now been almost three years since I started doing the reflexology on my mom…it is hard to know how effective it is in the sense that you don't know what she would be like without it.  But, compared to her friends who were diagnosed with the same condition around the same time, I think that this treatment has really helped.
While my mom does have short term memory loss, she is able to carry on conversations, she remembers a lot more than was ever expected…
This has given my dad and me three wonderful years with mom that we would not have had. You will forever be a blessing to our family and I ask God to bless your work.  

"Evidence of change was almost immediate"

04/12/2011  Treatment Report (translated from Hebrew) 
Mrs. H comes to the Senior Day Care Center in Kfar Saba three times a week.  Recently there has been a deterioration in her mental state and cognitive functioning.
Mrs. H. began dozing immediately after her meal and asked to lie down. When we tried to wake her, she become confused and spoke irrationally, where usually her words were full of wisdom and logic that we all enjoyed hearing. 
 We also witnessed a physical deterioration in Mrs. H in the way she walked and ate.  She  participated much less  in group discussions and group activities and asked to go home.
Oran took Mrs. H for a [Hand Reflexology] treatment and evidence of change was almost immediate. Mrs. H.  began to cooperate,  returned to her former self in terms of verbal and  even physical functioning. She stopped being tired and stopped asking to rest and sleep and was vigorous again in the memory improvement class in  physiotherapy. 
It is very desirable to continue reflexology treatments as these have proven,  without a doubt [to help]
Tzippi –Social Worker  
Tammy – Caregiver 
Dementia Department, Kfar Saba Senior Daycare Center

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