Looking for a natural, alternative way to treat Parksinson's?
Have you tried Reflexology?  
Read what clients are saying: 

"That deep relaxation state did wonders for me"

March 11, 2010
Thank you so much for the reflexology treatment.  I feel so energized from it.  Usually by this time of day my clock is starting to run down.  But I feel raring to go.  Also, I experienced absolutely no off time before my next medication dose plus I am so relaxed.  My joints are open, relaxed, just like a rag.
I feel great and very peaceful inside.  I think that reaching that deep relaxation state did wonders for me.
Will stay in touch.
Danny Loney,  Jerusalem 

"Hands clenched in fists"

Dear Oran ,
I wanted to let you know that since you taught the hand reflexology course to our caregivers - in our nursing facility, there has been improvement in several areas.
One of the residents, a patient with Parkinson's disease and significant cognitive decline, sat all day with his hands clenched in fists, unable to open them. One of the therapists gave a daily massage to his hands and after a few days , we noticed that the hands of the resident opened and remained open during the day! The resident continues to receive massage and his hands are open all the time.
A big thank you from
Naomi Avitsur - Social worker in the nursing department at Beit Protea 
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"More relaxed both physically and mentally"

My husband, who suffers from Parkinson’s, has been receiving hand reflexology for over a year.  As a result he is more relaxed both physically and mentally and looks forward to every session. 
A few weeks ago, after my husband had a bout with the flu, he suffered from cognitive decline due to the illness.  He described himself as “being in a bubble” and he had difficulty communicating, was apathetic and was feeling  down.  After one hand reflexology session, we saw improvement – the bubble burst, and gradually he returned to himself.  

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