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Reduced Side Effects of Femara

Jan. 25th, 2015 
3 years ago I underwent a mastectomy due to having a hormone-sensitive, cancerous tumor in my breast.  After this treatment, I needed to take a medication called Tamoxifen.  After 2 1/2 years of swallowing Tamoxifen my Oncologist decided, as part of the protocol, to replace it with another medication called Femara.  I have been taking Femara now for more than two months.
After 2 weeks on Femara I had many awful side effects: very sore joints and muscles, shortness of breath, tiredness, hot flashes, hair loss - everything that is written under side effects on the medication leaflet
In recent years, being active in sports is something that has helped me enormously, but while on Femara, I was barely able to get up from the couch.   I have had difficulty going down the stairs, couldn’t make it through workouts and occasionally I felt like I was descending into a bottomless pit.  
I highly doubted that I would be able to continue with this medication even though it could prevent the return of the cancer.
Oran researched Femara and helped me get going again:
I have almost no pain, have much more energy and am active in sports again (I even registered for new sporting event) and life looks brighter.
Reflexology works really great and I recommend it for anyone, but especially for people who have cancer, it improves your quality of life and reduces the side effects of the medications
Oran I cannot thank you enough, I hope more people will find their way to you and thus improve their quality of life.
Jeanette, Ramat Ha’Kovesh 

"One of the most professional and knowledgeable therapists"

 Feb. 22, 2010 
"I recently overcame the ordeal of ridding my body from breast cancer.  I thankfully benefited from modern science, various meds and techniques: chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, monoclonal antibiotic therapy, Tamoxifen.  

While all of this was important to getting healthy, I realized that there had to be more I could do to stay healthy.  One of the alternative therapies that I decided to try was Reflexology.   
Oran Aviv is one of the most professional and knowledgeable therapists I know.  While she serves an important service of treating me through my feet, Oran is really "so much more" than just a Reflexologist.  She calmly and patiently gives suggestions, recommendations and advice on various subjects like nutrition, rest and relaxation techniques, suggested readings and websites to research and knows who to direct me to if I have questions on certain specific subject matters.   I highly recommend Oran as a "Reflexologist and So Much More!!" 
S. , Ra'anana

"It must be wonderful to give people such a gift!"

March 19, 2010 
Hi Oran, 

We have been hearing such amazing things about you… it must be wonderful 
to give people such a gift !
Thanks and Shabbat shalom,
Sharon August-Dalfen
Program Coordinator Tishkofet HaSharon

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