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"Cocoa is once again in the normal weight range"

Sept. 2010 

I own a naturally very thin dog named Cocoa.  She eats a lot but is very active and actually has trouble gaining weight.  At her annual check up this year, the vet said her weight had dropped below the normal range and we should try to fatten her up a bit.  But no matter how much additional food we gave her, Cocoa couldn't seem to gain an ounce.

I asked Oran if she knew of anything that could help Cocoa and Oran performed some Reflexology and some EFT tapping on her while she basked in the attention of Oran's healing presence and loving hands.  
That very night I was shocked to see that Cocoa's belly looked really bloated and feared she had eaten something that was making her sick.
The next morning the bloating was gone, but Cocoa just looked different to me.  My husband woke up, saw the dog and said "Wow, Cocoa gained weight!  Look how great she looks!"  He didn't know that Oran had done anything to her.  I was shocked!  I am most happy to say that Cocoa is once again in the normal weight range and I give all the credit to Oran.

Emily, Kfar Saba


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