Looking for a natural, alternative way to treat shoulder pain?
Have you tried Reflexology???  
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"Relaxation in all of my neck and shoulder area"

Dec. 12, 2013 (Translated from Hebrew)
Hi Oran,
Three treatments ago I did not know what reflexology was and it didn’t make sense that it could somehow affect the body.  At the end of my last visit I felt an amazing relaxation in all of my neck and shoulder area and the feeling that this area was actually worked on.  Working with you I get a sense of a person who is professional and dedicated, dedicated to her work, to her profession and to her patients. 
Thank you. 
Ayelet, Oranit

"I am so grateful for getting back my life!"

 March 3rd, 2007

I started going to Oran while I was in very bad shape and even cried from the pain in my arm/shoulder.
The pain had started in my shoulder.   I had tried  hydrotherapy and even started acupuncture to try to get rid of the pain or even to slightly relieve it. The acupuncture simply moved the pain from my shoulder to my arm and it became more severe- it felt as if my arm was being squeezed in a vise.
In addition I started getting an electric current down my arm up to my fingertips. The current was so strong that I probably could have lit Tel Aviv if it was usable!
I also found that my breathing was getting worse. This was not a new thing, as I have had some difficulty in breathing for several years, but the rustling sound at the end of each exhale was getting stronger and more often and it was beginning to be worrisome. I have an inhaler, which has been lying quietly in my drawer for the past 6 months, but I started to use it.
Oran has helped me fantastically!  She has taught my to breathe the pain away.
The first time she took me on a virtual trip into my arm,  I saw a horribly shaped and colored alien form in my arm.  With her direction, I was able to change its color and form and with that the pain began to ease.
We have discovered that the 2 problems are connected as my back muscles are tied in knots right behind my lungs!   Between Oran and the Hydrotherapy I am able to be with relatively little pain and I am sure it will go away all together.  In hydrotherapy the therapist even noted that I have more breath and can swim more.  
I am much more aware of my body and its functions and therefore can be more careful in its use.
I am so grateful for getting back my life!
Ellen, Kfar Saba

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