Looking for a natural, alternative way to sleep better?  To have more energy?
Have you tried Reflexology???  
Read what clients are saying: 

"I literally feel as though my batteries have been recharged"

Dear Oran, 

Before I met you I thought that it was normal to go through life with a certain amount of tiredness and stress. I thought that everyone experienced it due to our stressed out lifestyles.
After a number of treatments from you, I started to relax and with the relaxation came more energy and happiness and peace.
Then one day I arrived for my treatment feeling utterly washed out with a long day ahead of me and no idea of how I was going to get through it. I lay down on your treatment table exhausted and then something magical happened. I got up after the treatment feeling as though I'd had a refreshing 12 hour sleep. I sailed through the rest of the day with energy and enthusiasm.
The next day to my amazement I woke up feeling the same way and to my delight I've been feeling that way ever since!
Life is so much more colourful when you experienced it charged with vitality. I am happier, more serene, more motivated and positive. The tension has gone out of my muscles. My immune system is stronger. I literally feel as though my batteries have been recharged and as a result I feel younger and younger as the layers of years of accumulated stress are being peeled away. My weekly treatments with you have become one of the most important things in my life.
Thanx so much!
In love and light
Yvette, Zichron Ya'acov

"Several months of feeling fatigue"

Nov 4. 2008 

I went to Oran for a treatment after several months of feeling fatigue.  I had Mono a few months ago and it seems it takes the body a few months to recover...
Oran's treatment was very relaxing (I almost fell asleep) and I felt better the next day.
After asking about my symptoms, Oran told me about someone who had a similar health challenge, who drank barely grass that really helped her.  I said that at this point I would be willing to try ANYTHING!
After drinking barley grass for a few days I decided to purchase some. It took about a week but I started to feel a lot better.  I recommended it to my sister who also started drinking it.
I am very grateful to Oran for taking the time to ask the necessary questions in order to give me the correct treatment herself and also recommend something that turned out to be very helpful.
I recommend Oran's treatment to anyone suffering from an ongoing problem and of course to anyone who just wants to pamper themselves :-)

Sleep Apnea

 I had no idea I (had) suffered from sleep apnea. At my first reflexology treatment, Oran (gave me a simple questionnaire to fill out) went over my health history and suggested that I get tested for sleep apnea.

I was already in my 40s in the time. No one else had ever suggested that (this) sleep apnea may be the cause of many of my other health problems. Because Oran uses a holistic approach and looks at the whole body, not just the body parts connected to the "symptoms", she is able to see? beyond a conventional practitioner.

I went to get tested, and sure enough I have severe sleep apnea. Thankfully I am being treated. Without Oran's suggestion, I may have continued living with this life threatening condition.

 - Name withheld
Kfar Saba

Lior age 6 1/2

Dec. 2009 

"Thanks for the tapping. Tapping makes me go asleep fast."
Lior age 6 1/2,
Sde Warburg

"The patient is 74 years old"

May 12th, 2013

Dear Oran, 

The patient is 74 years old. She suffers from an old hip fracture (September 2010) that was operated on and a hip nail was put in, but it was not successful and the nail was removed.  She also suffers from joint pain and anxiety disorder.


After only 3 hand reflexology sessions there has been the following improvement in the patient:


1. She is sleeping better. 
2. She feels stronger when walking with the walker. 
3. She uses less painkillers for back pain - lower lumbar spine. 
4. She feels more happy. 
Have a nice day!


Lena Levitan, 
Physiotherapist, Beit Protea.

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