Looking for a natural, alternative way to help your children stay healthy?
Have you tried Reflexology???  
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Dr. Franco, Pediatrician

Oran seems to have the right approach to keeping her family healthy.  
I wish more of my patients were as healthy as her children are.  
Dr. Shmuel Franco, Pediatrician, Kfar Saba

"My water broke the next morning"

Date: 25/10/2013 15:36:42
Subject: Bring on the birth...
Hi Oran my dear 
The last time we saw each other was erev Rosh Hashana 2011, when I came to you at the end of my second pregnancy and we had a great session of reflexology before the birth. My water broke the next morning and I had a very good labor. Previous to that I had been at you two years before when I was overdue with my first child and that also led to water breaking that night. So you set a high bar.
 Best wishes
Tracy, Hod Hasharon


Dec. 2009 
"Thanks for the tapping. Tapping makes me go asleep fast."
Lior age 6 1/2, 
Sde Warburg

Child - Stomach Ache

1/9/06  (translation from Hebrew)
I wanted to thank you for the amazing treatment you did for Oz.   

Oz suffered from pain in his tummy that was physiological and from stress.   You helped us zero in on the problem and find the best solutions for Oz and this was done through diagnosing and listening.
We try to give Oz a massage every evening before he goes to sleep and Oz falls asleep easily after it.  Also his little sister Ma’ayan isn’t willing to forgo getting a massage on her little feet too.
On one of the days when he felt a stomach ache, my son scolded me for forgetting to massage him…  which proves that the massage and your treatment help with his stomach aches.  His situation improved greatly since your treatment.
Thank you and Happy New Year
The Frank  Family, Tzur-yigal 

Reflexology for New Mother

April 20th, 2011
Hi Oran 

Thank you SO much ! What a wonderful, original present for a new baby (and his mum !) I was really looking for an original and special present to give Gali and a treatment with you fitted the bill exactly! She loved the treatment and with the advice that you gave her, has been able to treat her new baby too.
Thank you SO much,

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