Looking for a natural, alternative way to treat backache and/or sciatica?
Have you tried Reflexology???  
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"How strong? I thought I would pass out."

 Jan 17, 2011

Yesterday I had a severe back pain attack. How strong? I thought I would pass out. I called Oran and, thankfully, she was free to accept me.

Oran received me with pleasant music playing in the background, she found out some information and after a one and a half hour treatment, which included additional techniques besides reflexology,  she sent me on my way without pain, and with specific instructions how to proceed in the coming days.

Now the day after, I barely feel any pain, and the best part: Oran called to ask how I feel :-)
Simply Wonderful.
Erez, Kfar Saba

"I was barely able to stand up and today I am able to work"

June 15, 2011
Hi Oran,
I want to thank you for your "magical treatment".  Yesterday I was barely able to stand up and today I am able to work a full day without pain!  
Too bad I was not aware of this option before, it would have saved me several days of unnecessary sciatica pain.
Thank you again!
Natan, Kfar Saba

Sciatica - "I felt like an astronaut returning back to earth "

June 2011  Sciatica/Backache

Dear Oran, 
I must admit that after my first treatment with your precious hands I felt like an astronaut returning back to earth from space. It was a really change to my backache problem. Hope that the next treatments will give me the same feeling. 
Moti, Ra'anana

Sciatica - First time in 3 months stood without pain

October 4th, 2010  (Translated from Hebrew)

Dear Oran,
I want to thank you with all  my heart (and  back ...) for the pleasant and effective treatment I received from you.
I suffered three consecutive months from severe back pain. I came to you when I had debilitating pain radiating down my left leg that did not allow me to stand or walk for even a few seconds. I could not sleep for more than two hours without waking up in pain.
I came to you after visiting many doctors.  I received all possible drugs and was even hospitalized in the spine ward and received an epidural.
Already after the first Reflexology treatment I felt relief of symptoms and it was the first night in many months that I slept without waking up in pain.  The following day after treatment the constipation I had suffered from was also relieved.
Five hours after the fourth treatment, I stood on my feet without any pain!  This was the first time in three months and I continue to be pain free!.
The pleasant and relaxing treatments, the calm relaxed atmosphere helped me to recover.  I will recommend you to all of my friends. 
With gratitude,
Ronnie, Kfar Saba

"The really strong pain...disappeared"

Nov. 20, 2012
Hi Oran!
I feel much better today – thank you!  It's quite amazing that even the really strong pain that I had in that one small spot on my back disappeared without me even telling you about it specifically.  I also feel much more energetic today.I would love to come to you again sometime next week, whenever's convenient for you.

Huge hug,
Tzippi, Kfar Saba

"Less painkillers for back pain"


Dear Oran,  

The patient is 74 years old. She suffers from an old hip fracture (September 2010) that was operated on and a hip nail was put in, but it was not successful and the nail was removed.  She also suffers from joint pain and anxiety disorder.
After only 3 hand reflexology sessions there has been the following improvement in the patient:
1. She is sleeping better. 
2. She feels stronger when walking with the walker.
3. She uses less painkillers for back pain - lower lumbar spine. 
4. She feels more happy.

Have a nice day! 


Lena Levitan, Physiotherapist, Beit Protea.


Leg pain from Sciatica


January 13, 2011  (Translation from Hebrew) 
Last weekend I needed an urgent meeting with Oran, first time we met. She made an effort to receive me in order to relieve me and it was just wonderful.
Many thanks Oran with the magic hands,
Note: Ayelet suffered from pain in her leg and was not able to find the reason for the pain.  The reflex points on the feet showed she was suffering from sciatica and by working the reflexes of the sciatic nerve and lower back, her pain was relieved.  Sometimes sciatica appears just on the thigh or calve without pain in the lower back. 

"I felt that ... I did not really feel the pain! "

19/1/2011 (Translated from Hebrew) 

I have known Oran for many years, but since I do not live in Kfar Saba - We meet rarely and often in crisis situations. This happened again last Tuesday. 

I came to Oran with very bad opening data - after 10 days of back pain I could not function and due to my miscalculation, we only had time for a 20 minute treatment. Despite this brief time, I decided, nevertheless, to come and take the opportunity to at least see/talk to Oran since it seemed unfeasible that in such a short time any change could happen.  
Oran defined the treatment as SOS and she gave me a deep working treatment like none I had ever had before.  She didn’t promise anything (as usual.)  That evening I did not feel a change, but the next day, from noon, I felt that ... I did not really feel the pain!  There was some pain,  but it was not as strong and my ability to function increased. By Friday, the date we set for a 'real' treatment, 

There was a vast improvement and I finally got to sleep at night. The treatment  last Tuesday, a week after the SOS-treatment, I considered canceling my appointment because I felt so good.  To my joy I did not cancel and this time I enjoyed a more pampering treatment without thinking about "how to sit so it would not hurt."
Thank you, thank you, thank you
(Next time I'll come as soon as it starts)
 Dalit, Tzur Yigal

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