Oran Aviv offers lectures and workshops to medical personnel, caregivers and private groups.  Topics vary and can be adjusted to specific group needs.   

Are you looking for an interesting lecture for your group in English (or Hebrew?)  Oran has lectured and taught workshops through Kupat Cholim (Health Funds), at Share Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem, to caregivers at assisted living facilities and senior daycare centers, to organizations, parents' groups, at schools and at private functions.

Some of Oran’s recent lectures include:
Reflexology: Two Feet Away from Better Health

What to do Today so you will Remember Tomorrow

Vitamin P (Prevention) - The Way to Stay Healthy 

For more information including recommendations and prices,
please call Oran at (057)5533856 or write us
"Oran described how we can use our body with its built in defenses to become stronger and healthier and using her techniques lead less stressful lives. She, with illustrations and humor, began with easily accomplished things such as diet and exercise, giving us information about foods to avoid as well as to eat. She suggested we begin with simple things and go on to longer and more complicated ones...Many of us knew some of what she discussed, but having all of this put together in an informative, easy to follow way was truly a Hanukah gift."
Bobbi Maisel
Your presentation was just what the doctor ordered!  You gave us all kinds of exercises to do to ward off colds in the winter and to stay healthy.”  
Meira Applebaum 


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