Self Help Sciatica

Self Help Reflexology for Sciatica
If the piriformis muscle is the cause of your sciatica, you can try taking a tennis ball and sitting on it on the side of your buttox where you are feeling sciatica pain.  If the piriformis muscle is the culprit, you will very quickly feel a sore spot in your buttox as you move the ball around.  Once you find that spot, gently sit on the ball to try to release the muscle.  It may be very painful, so don't put too much weight on it.  More pain will not make the symptoms go away faster.  Gently sit on the ball for a few minutes at a time.  Repeat several times during the day. 
The sciatic nerve begins at the lower back and travels down the leg to the heel.   The heel is the Reflexology area for the hip.  By pressing the area of the heel we work the reflexes for the hip/lower back area which is normally the source of sciatica plus we also work on the sciatic nerve itself which runs through the heel.    
One of the best way to work the heel to relieve sciatica is to press on the heel of the foot with the back of the knuckles. Roll the hand while the knuckles press against the heel.  After each roll move the hand slightly and repeat so that you cover the whole heel with the rocking of the knuckles.   It is best to have someone else work on you.  
Sciatica Reflex on heel

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