How to Treat Athlete's Foot Naturally


How to Treat Athlete's Foot Naturally
What is Athlete's Foot?
Athlete's food is a fungal infection that tends to be found between the toes.  It is highly contagious and spreads rapidly in warm and damp places such as swimming pool and gym dressing rooms.  Symptoms include inflammation, itchiness, cracked skin, scaling and blisters.   
Why does it flare up?
A flare-up of Athlete's Foot normally shows an imbalance in the body more often than not due to stress.  One can actually use the flare-up to check and ask - am I over doing it?  Is a certain situation, person, lifestyle stressing me at this time? -  and take what ever steps necessary to reduce the stress. (ie. call Oran and make an appointment for a Reflexology session ;-)   
What to do?
Over the years, as a Reflexologist, I have learned several methods to combat Athlete's Foot, but today I would like to share with you this combination that I have found to be the best:   
Since the fungus thrives in a warm, moist environment - we want to change that environment.  This can be done by using a hair dryer!   After a shower, dry your feet well by patting the areas (not rubbing) especially between the toes.  Then take the hair dryer, and on medium heat dry the area of the feet and the areas between the toes, and also dry the tops and bottoms of the toes.   
After drying thoroughly, spread some 100% pure virgin coconut oil (can find this in the oil section at the health food store) on the infected area of your feet.  While you are at it, massage some of the oil on all of your feet and give yourself a quick Reflexology session by pressing and rubbing all the areas of your feet.  Note: at room temperature the oil is in a solid form, so if it is cold you may need a spoon to scoop it out.    
If you do this every day - you may even forget that you used to have intense itching!  Please let me know if it works for you.  
Oran Aviv, a senior Reflexologist since 1995, has been helping adults and children stay healthy for over 17 years.  Oran believes that everyone should put their health in their own hands – even literally, she teaches basic Hand Reflexology workshops across the country.

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