Can Reflexology Help Someone who has Cancer?

Jan. 2021 
Can Reflexology help someone who has or had cancer?  At this time there is no clear research that shows that reflexology can prevent or heal someone who has cancer, but reflexology can help relieve the side effects from the treatments for cancer.  Reflexologists, along with other complimentary medicine practitioners, work alongside oncology departments in hospitals in Israel and abroad to help improve the quality of life of cancer patients.  

The First International Symposium on Reflexology and Cancer was held in 2008 at Kibbutz Shefyim in Israel.  
Speaker after speaker, told of their years of research and experience working with cancer patients.   It was amazing to see research from all over the world consistently showing the same results:
  • Reflexology helps Cancer Patients reduce symptoms from medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery by reducing pain, nausea, fatigue and constipation
  • Reflexology reduces anxiety and depression
  • Reflexology promotes relaxation and induces good sleep
  • And finally in Palliative Care, when the medical community has nothing more to offer, Reflexologists can help
 To read more about this symposium please click here: The First International Symposium on Reflexology   
Reflexology may also reduce the side effects of medication.  After overcoming breast cancer, many women will take a hormonal therapy medicine to reduce the risk of the cancer returning.  In some cases these meds can cause such adverse effects, that some women have to make the truly difficult decision to stop taking a medication that might prevent the cancer from returning in order to regain their quality of life.  When reflexology helps reduce the side effects, clients can continue taking these life saving medications while regaining their quality of life. To read more about how reflexology can reduce the side effects of cancer medications click here: Reflexology To Reduce Side Effects of Femara and Other Medications
Besides improving quality of life by helping clients cope physically with the disease, reflexology can also help clients cope emotionally. Reflexology reduces stress and can give emotional support to someone who has cancer.  Dealing with a serious illness is not easy for the patient nor for their family. Many times the patient has to put on a strong facade so their family members won't worry, yet they need to release their own emotions.  Reflexology is a safe place for a person with cancer to relax, release their fears and recharge so they can face the next round of treatments and the changes in their life that this illness has caused.  Family members too, especially parents of children who have cancer, need their own time to escape from the nightmare they are in.  Want to help a friend who is ill or help a family member who is caring for a loved one who has cancer?  Give them the gift of a reflexology escape.  There are reflexologists  all over the world. You can find one in your country here: Worldwide Reflexology Organizaitions 
Reflexology can be a very important technique to help cancer patients improve their quality of life by reducing the side effects of treatments and meds as well as give patients and their family members a much needed break to relax and recharge. However, reflexology can not be used to diagnose cancer. Only professional medical practitioners can diagnose.  This may seem odd that I even need to mention this, but sadly I have heard  reflexologists in Israel make these claims.  Reflexology has much to offer people who are undergoing treatments for cancer without needing to make unfounded claims. 
You can read testimonials of reflexology clients who have/had cancer here: Reflexology for Cancer 

Oran Aviv, a senior Reflexologist since 1995, has been helping adults and children stay healthy for over 25 years. 
During the last 6 years she has studied and incorporated Validation into her work.  Validation is a way of communicating with people who have cognitive decline.  Today Oran is a Certified Validation teacher and combines both the principles of hand reflexology and Validation to teach caregivers and senior facility staff around the world. Oran is also the recipient of the Geller Prize for her work helping people with who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.  

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Oran’s first book Beyond Words, Using Hand Reflexology to Help Your Loved One with Dementia, is soon coming out as an eBook workshop for family caregivers.  Please contact us at   oran@reflexandmore>; if you would like to be notified when the eBook will be available. 

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