Remembering That You Need To Write 2019, May Be The Best Thing For Your Brain!

2018 crossed out 2019 written instead
One of the most important ways to keep your brain healthy is to use it, to surprise it and to keep it from falling asleep by not doing the same routine every day. 
We have been writing 2018 for a year – never really thinking about the year as we write it, so to make that change to 2019 - we have to really stop and think.  We have to really use our brain and consciously think about today's date.  Thinking, rather than doing something absentmindedly is one of the key ways to keep our brain active and prevent cognitive decline. 
small teddy bear with plastic mug on head
When I teach memory games to people with dementia, the hardest challenge for most of them is trying to do something differently.  In one of the memory games we pick objects from a bag and make up a story using them in an adventure with a small teddy bear. We repeat the story from the beginning each time adding another object to the plot, sort of a "I went to the store to buy an apple" but with objects instead of letters. 
Many can remember the order of the story with the help of the objects, but what they can't remember is when the bear does something with the object that is out of the ordinary.  If, for example, we decide that the bear uses the mug as a hat, when we get to that part of the story, most will say "he drank from the mug."  Their brains are stuck in a set mode and cannot think in a different way.  This is why keeping your brain "on its toes" is so important!  The same way that we need to concentrate and really think in order to write 2019, we need to do as often as possible in order to work our brain. Be mindful and really think about what you are doing.  
Move things around so you have to think where they are.  Move the dustbin once a week so you have to think where it is rather than throw out that tissue without thinking.  That is just one small way to work your brain.  Stay tuned – I'll be posting some more ways you can exercise your brain at home, at work and on the road!  
Wishing you and your brains a very happy and healthy new year!  

Oran is  the creator of © Hands-on-Dementia, a technique based on hand reflexology to help persons with  Alzheimer's/Dementia and nursing home residents. Oran teaches hand reflexology workshops in Israel and abroad to caregivers and staff at senior homes and day care centers.  She is also a certifieid Validation  presenter and teaches Validation workshops. Valdation is a way of communicating with people with early onset Alzhiemer's. 
Oran is also the 2017 receipient of the Geller Prize for her work with person's with dementia and Alzhiemer's. 

For more information or to arrange a workshop please contact Oran at: (053)5533856 or write to her at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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