Have You Tried Reflexology To Reduce Side Effects of Femara and other Medications?

“Have you tried Reflexology” Is a series of articles aimed to increase awareness of how reflexology may benefit those suffering from various health challenges. 
pills Most women will take a hormonal therapy medicine after overcoming breast cancer to reduce the risk of the cancer returning.  Unfortunately for many, these medications can cause difficult side effects. Today the medication Femara is given to breast cancer survivors who are post-menopausal.  In some cases Femara causes such difficult side effects1, that some women have to make the truly horrible, difficult decision to stop taking a medication that might prevent the cancer from returning in order to regain their quality of life.  
It is known that in many cases Reflexology can reduce symptoms from medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, as was presented at the Symposium on Reflexology and Cancer.  Reflexology and other complimentary therapies are offered in integrative medicine program in hospitals around the world to help cancer patients who are undergoing medical treatments.  
Reflexology may also help reduce the side effects from medications like Femerra.  This past month I worked with a client who was suffering from difficult side effects of Femerra that reduced her quality of life. Regular Reflexology sessions were able to help her body overcome many of these side effects and allowed her to feel like herself again:
“I was barely able to get up from the couch.   I have had difficulty going down the stairs, couldn’t make it through workouts and occasionally I felt like I was descending into a bottomless pit.  I highly doubted that I would be able to continue with this medication even though it could prevent the return of the cancer….. “
[after reflexology] I have almost no pain, have much more energy and am active in sports again (I even registered for new sporting events) and life looks brighter.”   To read the full testimonial click here 
If you or someone you know is suffering from the side effects of Femara or any other medication, please suggest that they try reflexology.  You can find a Reflexologist in your area by contacting your local reflexology association or click here. 
1 Breastcancer.org lists these side effects of Femara: http://www.breastcancer.org/treatment/hormonal/aromatase_inhibitors/femara
bone and joint pain
higher cholesterol
hot flashes
weight gain
swelling of hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs
loss of appetite
difficulty sleeping
vaginal bleeding
breast pain
dry skin

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