Yes I’m Stressed – But What Can I Do?


We are in stressful times again.  You cannot prevent feeling upset and stressed, but you can actively prevent it from making you ill and/or unable to function.  We all know that being stressed cannot possible make the situation better, if anything it can make it worse.   If, God forbid we are called to react in a dangerous situation, we want to be in our best state of mental and physical health.  So what can we do to reduce the stress so we can function better? 
Breathe –  
Take a deep breath through your nose, fill up your lungs and then let all the air rush out quickly and fully through your mouth.   Repeat this several times.  As you breathe out imagine that you are pushing out all the tension within you.  Feel your whole body go limp as you breathe out. This is something you can do several times during the day.   Sometimes one deep breath at the right moment can make a huge difference in how we feel.   


Exercise –  
Get up and move.  When we exercise we release the happy hormones – endorphins.   It can be a workout at the gym, walking up and down the stairwell or if you feel safe, a run or even just a walk.  It will also take you away from listening to the news for awhile and if you go outside, it will get you to breathe some fresh air.  


Change the Picture in your Mind –  
As we begin to worry, we start to imagine the worse.  


“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want”


We need to change this and use our imagination to create something that we do want. My friend Adrianne told me that when her son was in the Lebanon war and she was worried, she imagined seeing him getting married under the Chupa.  I have since used this wise woman’s advice and have taught her method to many clients and friends.  


 Imagine a scene that shows everything is OK.   If you are worried about family members, imagine them  at home eating a meal, or  imagine hugging them when they come home or as Adriane suggested see you child under the Chupa or as another friend who’s son was a soldier in Gaza last summer  – imagined seeing him together with her future first grandchild.  Chose the picture that you can connect to and pull it out each time you start to feel scared and worried.  In time you will be able to focus on the positive picture faster, before those worrying thoughts start to overwhelm you. 


Hand Reflexology 
There are a few points on your hand that can press to help reduce stress.  One of the reasons I like hand reflexology so much, is that it is easy to use on ourselves and we can also help others.  


Massage the area of the “ball” of your hand and right under it.  These are the reflexes of you chest and lungs.  They can help you breathe easier and relax you.  Below are some links to a video clip that shows how to work these points.  






                                           Click here to see the video on You Tube

                                       or Click here to see the video on Facebook 


Decide How to Feel
We can decide how we want to feel. We can continue to think about what might happen and feel terrible. That certainly won't make the situation better and it will make us feel miserable and will affect those around us as well.  I also really believe that how we feel affects the energy around us. I don't want to get stuck thinking about bad things because I don't want to attract that kind of energy into my life or into the life of a loved one, especially the one I worry about.  Make the choice and decide to think about good things and attract positive energy. 
Remember the equation: 
How we react to an event = How we feel.   
The event itself does not affect how we feel. Only our reaction to the event does.  That means it is totally our choice to decide how we want to feel.  That is actually a huge responsibility because we can’t blame anyone else except ourselves for how we feel. 
Go for a Reflexology Session 
Five different studies have shown that reflexology helps induce relaxation.  It also lowers blood pressure and pulse.  Reflexology reminds your body what it is like to be relaxed – which it tends to forget when we are constantly under stress.  There are reflexologists all over the country and all over the  world.  Contact one to help you remember how to  relax.  Getting rid of stress is not a luxury – it is a necessity to function and to keep healthy. 
Last summer I taught my first hand reflexology workshops in the States.  I was concerned that perhaps those who don’t live in Israel will not feel how well hand reflexology can reduce stress.  Well, guess what – no matter where you live, no matter your situation, you will be stressed if you don’t work actively to reduce it.  
Praying that this insanity ends soon. 

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