Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

Counting Sheep not Working? Tips for a Good Night's Sleep 
Almost all of us have experienced at one time those seemingly endless nights of Peaceful slee koalatossing and turning and just not being able to fall asleep.  Whether this is the result of something we ate or drank, too many thoughts 
on our mind or anticipation of an event, a restful night's sleep is just not attainable.  
What can be done?
If occasionally you find it difficult to fall asleep or you wake and can't return to sleep, the following tips may help you get that much needed shut-eye.  If, however, you are consistently having difficulties falling asleep, waking and not able to fall back to sleep or are constantly waking early – you might want to consider a series of Reflexology sessions to help you break the insomnia pattern and return to normal sleep.
Be Timeless
Set your alarm, but turn that clock around so you won't know what time it is when you wake at night.  .  Many of my clients who note what time they wake up at night, begin to follow a pattern of waking at the same time(s) every night.  By knowing at what time they awake, people seem to program themselves to wake up at those same times every night.  Once they stop noting the times that they awake, the wake up pattern changes and in time ceases.
Keep Yourself in the Dark
Our bodies developed thousands of years before Edison invented the incandescent light bulb and we are designed to sleep when it is dark and be awake during daylight hours. When there is an absence of light, the hormone melatonin is secreted which makes us sleepy.1   Even a faint light from the adjacent room, a computer screen or a digital clock (another good reason to turn it around) can affect our sleep.   Turn off all light sources, close blinds or drapes to block out street lights and/or sleep with an eye mask.  Research shows that sleeping in darkness may also reduce chances of getting cancer since melatonin impedes the growth of cancer cells and strengthens the immune system. 2
Use Reflexology on Yourself
Lynn Booth's solar plexus rock:3
For those of you who took my Basic Hand Reflexology course, remember to place your thumb on the solar plexus reflex and open and close your hand slowly, 15 times on both hands. Inhale and exhale deeply as you close and open your hands.  Many times you will fall asleep before getting to the count of 15 on the second hand.
Wiggle to sleep – try wiggling all of your toes continuously. The relex for the head/brain is in the toes, so by wiggling them you can help relax your mind to fall asleep.  Wiggle for several minutes till you fall asleep or at least feel tired.
Look up to the Alpha Waves
With your eyes closed look up.  This eye movement helps bring the brain to a relaxed state by inducing alpha brain waves. Breathe gently in and out.
The Power of Now
If you find that your seemingly endless thoughts are keeping you awake, instead of trying to turn them off just observe them. Eckhart Tolle, author of "The Power of Now" 4  suggests: "Close your eyes and say to yourself, I wonder what my next thought will be."  Then wait and observe your next thought.  
Cat SlelepingPurrfect Sleep
Cats most probably purr to heal themselves. Research shows that the frequency of cats' purr heals. 5   I believe this same natural, healing frequency also helps us sleep better.  So go pet a cat and let him/her purr you to sleep.
Remember that not getting a good night's sleep affects our ability to focus and work, it affects our mood and it compromises our immune system.  If you are not able to sleep well, don't put off getting help!
Oran Aviv, a senior Reflexologist since 1995, has been helping adults and children stay healthy for over 15 years. Through Reflexology and other natural methods, Oran has helped numerous clients return to healthy sleeping patterns.  Oran also lectures and teaches basic Hand Reflexology workshops all across the country, showing people how to literally, put their health in their own hands. To arrange a Reflexology session, to have Oran teach your group and/or to receive Oran's free monthly newsletter - email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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