Travel Emergency

Travel Emergency - would you know what to do?

Last month I traveled to Tenerife with my husband to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.  Our plans were to hike in various areas of this beautiful island.   The morning of our first planned hike, I picked up the backpack at a bad angle and pulled a muscle in my middle back. 

At first th
e area of the muscle I pulled was very small, but within minutes I could feel the contraction and pain spread to the entire area of my upper back.  In previous articles on back pain I have discussed how contraction causes more pain and the pain causes more contraction.  At this time I was able to feel this phenomenon occur within minutes to the point that I could not bend or move let alone think about hiking.  What would you do in this situation?  Below is what I used to relieve the pain and tension.  Luckily I had a natural first aid kit in my backpack.  You might want to consider having some of these remedies/products with you too.  

Warm the Muscle:  I first rubbed some Tiger Balm onto the contracted muscle.  
The tiger balm warmed the area and I felt that the pain and tension stop spreading.    

Homeopathic Arnica 30C
I always have a tube of Homeopathic Arnica in my purse for falls or bruises.  In this case I took it for the pulled muscle.  I repeated the dose of Arnica after 15 minutes because the contraction and pain were so severe.  Normally you do not want to use any kind of strong smelling substance like Tiger Balm together with a homeopathic remedy (it can prevent the homeopathic remedy from working well) but I used it anyway and I do feel it helped.   However, you should never store homeopathic remedies together with a strong smelling substance.
 Dr. Y This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , a truly wonderful homeopath who works in Zichron Ya'acov, explains about arnica:
Many people learn how to use some basic homoeopathic remedies in first aid situations to help their families and pets. The most common being rescue remedy which is a Bach flower remedy and arnica montana which is used after falls and other traumas to promote more rapid healing and relieve pain. Arnica works best in cases where there is actual bruising or a sensation of being bruised and sore. Examples are falls, sprains, strains, after childbirth, post operatively and after dental work. Arnica also helps to relieve emotional shock after injury eg after a child has fallen or after an accident. Arnica is safe to use on babies, children and animals. 
A good basic potency is 30 CH repeating the dose as necessary. If you are not familiar with using homeopathic remedies consult with a homoeopath or dispensing pharmacy.

Magnetic Field
My husba
nd rolled Nikken's Magboys* over the area that was pulled. This creates a magnetic field that penetrates deep into the muscle to help it relax.  I was able to feel the magnetic field relax part of the muscle and had my husband roll the magnet over each area that continued to be tight.

*To order or to learn more about Nikken products contact your Nikken distributor or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more details.  
I worke
d the spine reflex on my hands (along the inside of the hand from the thumb to the base of the hand) and also the spinal reflexes on the ear.  I could feel a sore area on the hands and ear where the back reflex is located.  I continued working on these areas until the soreness stopped. 
               Spine Reflex on Hand
y Now?
According the Dr. Sarno , Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, back pain is an unconscious distraction to keep us from thinking about an emotional issue, so I needed to stop and think what  was stressing me that day.  Yes, even on vacation we can have stressing issues and I needed to recognize mine and deal with them. (Thanks to my sister Anna for introducing me to Dr. Sarno's work!)

The Result
After 15 minutes I was able to bend and move my upper torso again and was able to sit in the car for a drive of several hours. (I kept the affected area warm by covering it with my fleece jacket.)  The following day I hiked 3 hours including a very steep ascent – with a backpack.  I only felt some tenderness in the area for a few more days and the soreness passed altogether by the 4th day. The end result: we were able to do the hikes we had planned!
This is not the first time that using these "tricks" helped save a trip abroad.  A few years ago when our whole family was hiking in Croatia, my daughter caught her foot between two wooden slats on a foot bridge and twisted (or possibly sprained) her ankle.  She could not stand nor walk on it.  She took Homeopathic Arnica, I spun the magnets over her hurt ankle and gave her Reflexology.  After 1/2 hour of these remedies she was able to walk the rest of the path and by the end of the day even hiked a very steep ascent.  
I really don't know if one of the products helped more than the others – but I have learned to use every "trick" I have available and not care which helps most as long as the final result is feeling better. Sometimes it is the combination of several modalities together that can really make a difference.  
If you have any questions about the natural first aid tricks I use, please feel free to write for more info.  I would also love to hear if you have other natural tricks that you have found helpful in situations like these. Thanks. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Oran Aviv, a senior Reflexologist since 1995, has been helping adults and children stay healthy for over 15 years.   Oran lectures on Reflexology, Prevention of Memory Loss and How to Stay Healthy and also teaches Basic Hand Reflexology workshops all across the country, showing people how to literally, put their health in their own hands.   To have Oran teach your group or to arrange a Reflexology session click here or call (057)5533856

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