A Second Generation's Journey

My name is Oran (Helen) Aviv and I am the daughter of two Holocaust survivors from Bochnia, Poland. 

I have decided to dedicate a few pages on my site to my family and the Holocaust.
From Bergen Belsen to Officer's Course
As the child of two Holocaust survivors I grew up being told that I don't have grandparents.  In Auschwitz I realized that I really did have Grandparents  
I accompanied my son's 12th grade class on their 1 week journey to Poland to learn about the Holocaust. I shared my journal with famiy and friends by writing  emails.  
Barbara's Story: Seeing the War as a non-Jew from Bochnia from Outside the Ghetto
Seeing the War from Outside the Ghetto
By Barbara, the daughter of my mother's non-Jewish school friend
Traveling by train one can see glimpses of what life is really like in Israel 
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