About Oran

Photo of Oran Oran Aviv has been giving Reflexology treatments for over 19 years.   She became a Reflexologist in 1995 and completed her studies as a Senior Reflexologist in 1996 in Israel.  Oran is constantly increasing her knowledge in Reflexology by learning new methods for giving treatments and reading the feet.  After so many years in practice, Oran can still be blown away when she sees how effective Reflexology can be.   

Oran’s treatments combine other complementary and alternative therapies that she has learned over the years.  These include courses and workshops she has taken in diagnosis throught the feet, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Indian Hot Stone Massage, nutrition, EFT and The Meir Schneider Method. Oran also works with other practitioners to make sure clients get the best possible care.
Each person and each session is different.  Each individual treatment is suited to the person’s needs at the moment.
Oran was accepted as a Senior Reflexologist to the Israel Reflexology Association in 1998. 
Oran feels that everyone can learn to use Reflexology and has developed a Hand Reflexology Course that teaches participants to use Hand Reflexology on themselves and on their families and friends. To learn more about the course: Click here
Oran was certified in 2014 as  Validation Worker and completed  "The Activity for Health Project" course with the Israel Alzheimer’s Association in 2006.  She works at the Senior Day Care Center in Kfar Saba where she teaches memory games and gives Reflexology treatments to seniors with  Dementia/Alzheimer’s.  Oran has also developed and teaches  "Hand -on-Dementia" a workshop based on hand reflexology to medical staff and caregivers who care for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia and to the staff of  nursing homes. 
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