I Found My Grandparents - a 2nd generation's journey

As the child of two Holocaust survivors I grew up being told that I don't have grandparents.  
In Auschwitz I realized that I did have Grandparents  
I Found My Grandparents 
by Oran Aviv
(Nov. 4th, 2007 - Written on the way back from Auschwitz to Krakow)
I Found My Grandparents
I found my grandparents
 in Auschwitz.
I found my Grandmother Hania and my
Grandfather Samuel
I found my Aunts  Blimka and  Rena
And even my Uncle Moniek.
I found them all today,
       in Auschwitz.
I didn't have grandparents,
I didn't have aunts.
"They're all dead."
"They all died,
      in the Holocaust."
I found my Aunt Helen and
I found my Aunt Zoshka.
I found my Great Aunts Blimka and Esther
and their husbands Yehoshua and Shmuel.
And cousins, I found so many cousins on both 
I found them all today.
Today I became a granddaughter
and a niece and a cousin.
I became a grand-niece and a 
Today I found my relatives
and my relatives now have me.
I found my grandparents
 in Auschwitz.
And I also found me.
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