Reflexology Sessions

Oran giving a reflexology treatmentThe simple and natural way to reduce stress, have more energy and feel healthier and happier!   

"ORAN ORAN ORAN - what a wonderful treatment this woman gives. No words needed more than the following: Just GO! And let anyone you care about know about it too."

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Oran has developed a simplified method of teaching Hand Reflexology so that this ancient, but very effective complementary health therapy will be available for everyone to use on themselves, on their friends and families and at work.


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Oran Aviv offers lectures and workshops to medical personnel, caregivers and private groups.  Topics vary and can be adjusted to specific group needs.   

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“Oran seems to have the right approach to keeping her family healthy.  I wish more of my patients were as healthy as her children are”. Dr. Shmuel Franco, Pediatrician,Kfar Saba    

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